Why is it important to have an Automation Strategy for Database Testing?

Selenium is the record/playback toSelenium Training in Chennaiol for testing without learning the test Scripting language. It also provides the test domain specific language for writing the tests in a number of programming languages. Many of the programming languages like C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Scala. For the fresher’s who are interested in starting their career in IT industry, they can join in Selenium Training in Chennai. These tests can also run against the web browsers. Selenium supports the Windows, Linux and Unix OS platforms.

Need of Automating Database Testing

Consider the time and efforts for involving in testing for thousands of SQL lines and codes which is manually and expecting it to release the deadlines. In today’s agile market, by keeping the quality and productivity at the same time, many of the experts are suggested to implement the automation testing for the database. For learning this Selenium Testing, they can join in Selenium Course in Chennai.

Benefits of Automation Testing

  • Speed up the testing by creating the room to test large data sets.
  • Processing the transactional behaviors
  • Enabling the flexible deployment and operation capabilities
  • Test Automation makes to eliminate the pains of manual testing, there are many challenges faced by companies and getting the most of their database testing

Challenges for Performing Automated Database Testing


  • Difficulty to get the same results for same tests
  • For getting the consistent results even in the problems


  • A lot of overheads can find out while testing the database
  • Few difficulties will come while testing database before the previously tested database


It takes a long time to load even at the slow execution time

 Synchronizing the Distributed Systems

Difficult to synchronize the database on cluster

Requires the database professionals for controlling the changes in database schema and testing

Many of the developers and analysts are finding out too difficult to work on the database testing.  It is essential to maintain the standard automation strategy for ensuring the database testing.  Selenium Training institutes in Chennai offers the well experienced IT professionals as trainers. This is an integral part of the entire testing cycle of the application.

How Automation Strategy helps

By following the below strategies you can easily get the results. They are:

Data Integrity

It is easy to update the latest data which is reflected everywhere in this approach and it is easy to use this strategy.

Database Mirroring

This is offering the considerable database availability for checking. The advantage of these operations is that to check whether the server instances contain the data.

Business rules

Databases are not only used to store the records, they even support to implement the business logics at the DB level. Automation tool will ensure to implement business logic for working accurately.

Regression Testing

Automation tools will help the testing team with the database regression testing requirements without time. It functions the applications on the basis of the changes made in testing the database.

I hope this article will help you in why it is important to have an Automation Strategy for Database Testing? For more interesting articles about Selenium, stay connected with us!