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Top Android App Development Programming Languages to Advance Your Career in 2021

Dated back then programming languages played an integral part in developing a system or platform for effective operations and things haven’t changed quite much even today. For instance from computer systems, electronic appliances, to smart wearables, smart TVs, and washing machines, everything is operating at its best because of powerful programming languages. 

Today we can explore one of the well-performing software platforms which have contributed more to the world in the form of smart mobiles, smart wearables, smart TVs, smart glasses, smart cameras, smart home appliances, etc. Yes, everything is smart now, thanks to our Internet system. The word “Smart” necessarily conveys that we can perform a whole lot of operations in a simple way with minimal inputs. Yes, we are talking about the best selling OS since 2011 which is nothing but the Android mobile OS.

What is Android OS?

Android OS is a software platform developed by Google primarily for running mobile devices, but later the platform is also utilized for running tablets, smart TVs, wearables, cameras, cars, etc.

What are Android Applications and Android Application Development?

Android Applications are applications developed for the Android Operating System and the Android Application Development is the development of applications using the programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, C++, C#, Python, etc.

Why Android Applications?

  • Compatible with many smart mobile devices 
  • Easy adoption and launching
  • Fast deployment on multiple platforms
  • Largely scalable, rich, and friendly
  • Cross-platform support with an open distribution model
  • Open-source and pro-active testing

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Top Android Programming Languages to Learn in 2021 for Career Advancement

  1. Java

Java is one of the official programming languages of Android App Development. The primary reason Java tops the list as the compelling language to learn in this digital era is that it is an easy language to learn. To prove the fact, a study says that the language is used by 9 million developers around the world and it is their preferred choice for developing Android Applications. Moreover, the language has simple syntax similar to English. Other than being easy to learn the language, Java is a platform-independent language based on the concept “Write Once, Run Anywhere” that is powering 7 billion smart devices across the globe. 

Learning the language also results in receiving whooping salaries as globally a Java developer receives an average salary of $106,610 per year. The language also has huge online community support such as StackOverflow, Java forums, etc ranging from beginners to experts helping the freshers to assist in their journey. Besides, Java provides documentation support, possesses powerful development tools like Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, etc. To mention some of its unique features Java has abundant APIs, multi-open source libraries, etc to assist developers in their work.

2. Kotlin

Kotlin was announced as one of the official languages for Android App development by Google in 2019. The reason Kotlin has been adopted as the official language of Android Application development is that it has been treated as the modern version of Java for better and effective performance. Similar to Java, Kotlin also has some unique and amazing features like simple syntax, security, general-purpose, interoperability, cross-platform, concise, and more. 

Another important reason to learn Kotlin is it provides great career prospects for developers as it is backed by the Tech Giant Google and also used by some of the famous companies like Pinterest, Evernote, Slack, Netflix, Airbnb, and Zomato. The demand for Kotlin developers has been rising since 2017 by 1400%. These all add to the fact that Kotlin is one of the promising languages that will certainly aid in career advancement.

3. C#

C# is one of the high-performing languages in Android App development as the language is developed with the main thought of catering to developer productivity ever since its release. More like the above two languages, C# also provides simplicity, readability, and effective memory management thus enabling C# an easier language to work with. The important reason to learn this language is that it has all the essential features of a programming language. That being said it is a cross-platform language, flexible general-purpose language, possesses an active and vibrant community, built-in properties, extensive libraries, and most importantly backed by one of the tech giants Microsoft.

Some of the other features are it can fastly run and execute the programs, can run in all browsers, and a mature language of being 20 years old and a popular language in Android App development. Most importantly, C# developers are high in demand as it is one of the top-performing programming languages that proved high development capacity.

4. Python

Python is one of the popular programming languages which is not only limited to Android Application development but also extensively used in developing Machine Learning products, Artificial Intelligence machines, web development, game development, software development, scientific and numeric applications, business applications, enterprise applications, etc. The reason Python is being used in the development of such high-end applications is due to the fact it is a versatile language that is easy to read, write and learn. Moreover, Python has popular frameworks assisting in providing a unique structure to applications easing the work of developers. 

5. C++

Another one of the popular languages is C++ that has been extensively used in many of the popular applications like Adobe Photoshop, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Windows OS, Microsoft Office, MySQL, and Mozilla Firefox. The language is used by 4.4 million developers across the globe and these developers are paid a huge salary of $103,035 per year. The reason C++ language has been popular among the developers is due to its abundant library support, database support for relational databases like MySQL, MongoDB, MemSQL, OS support for Windows, Linux, Android, Ubuntu, iOS, Compiler support, Web browser support, Graphics support, Embedded system support for smartwatches, mp3 players, GPS systems. 

Moreover, the language is portable meaning it can be moved from one platform to another with slight changes in the base code and being the major reason for the language usability across multi-platforms. With C++ developers have full control over the development process allowing them to finish the process with ease.

 6. C

C being the basic language and being in the field for almost 5 decades the language deserves to be the must learn language for beginners. Without C it will be tough for anyone to grasp modern languages easily. It lays the foundation for all modern languages as one can learn the basic fundamentals of computer theories in C. In Android App development C leverages the performance of the applications, extends its support in using its libraries to create activities, handle user inputs, and allows access to many other resources.  Some of the benefits in using the C language are access to its in-built functions and varieties of data types and operators and the ability to extend its absolute support for the development of efficient applications.


Every programming language has pros and cons but none can be left as unimportant. But learning the above-mentioned programming languages is sure to advance your career in the current trend. Moreover, learning Mobile Languages or mobile programming languages have a paramount power in leveraging an individual’s career given the high usage of mobile devices nowadays. To conclude, there are many best programming languages for mobile app development given their efficiency and simplicity but choosing one might be difficult. In such situations, it is better to go with the trend and learn the top languages that support our career in the best way. 

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