Tips to Crack Verbal Reasoning

There is definitely no reason for robbing up 3500 words when chances are that you won’t not get any of them. Do around 700-1000 words from the incessant word records that you can without much of a stretch find on the web. It is all that could possibly be needed.

When you have fifteen days left, rehearse 2 RC’s consistently. Acclimate yourself with the line of thought required to answer the vast majority of the GRE RC’s. They are very immediate, and the answer is available inside the RC. A tiny bit of practice and you can make this your solid suit.

If you are going for 160+ in verbal, Norman Lewis’ statement control made simple was recommended to me by a significant number of my seniors. In any case, I for one didn’t experience the book, as I didn’t have much time.

Which is the best month of year to appear for GRE?

There is no best month to take GRE. It all depends on the admission season you are targeting. For example, if you are planning on starting your classes by Fall 2017, the ideally you should give your GRE by Oct-Nov 2016. This is because you must leave enough time to complete your admission procedures without easily avoidable hassles which can cost you an admit. Therefore, the right time to start your Online GRE Preparation would depend on your familiarity with the GRE Exam syllabus. Generally, it would be beneficial to take Diagnostic Test and understand where you stand so that you can derive the maximum benefit from your GRE preparation. The next step would be to devise a study plan accordingly so that you spend the maximum time prioritizing your problem areas, whether it is GRE Math syllabus or GRE Verbal practice.

GRE is sectional adaptive right?

Yes. Like you rightly said, GRE is indeed sectional wise adaptive. But before you we get to that part, you must know about how the GRE is structured. In the first place, GRE is an online exam. That apart GRE scores are accepted by most schools. So, if you wish to apply to top schools, the first step that you must take is write your GRE. You can definitely take GRE online prep and GRE prep courses online that will help you boost your GRE scores. Apart from that you must know about the GRE Quant syllabus and GRE Verbal syllabus as this will help you get a strong grip over the exam. Finally, you must definitely know about the different sections that GRE has. Since your performance in the preceding section determines your performance in the succeeding section, you must make it a point to have a strong hand in all the sections and this will help you get high GRE score.

What should I do in the first four weeks of my online GRE preparation. I am weak in Verbal?

The first week of your preparation should be completely focused on improving your GRE verbal by practicing. I can suggest a list of things that you can actually do to improve your GRE score.

1 ) Learn 25-30 new GRE words per day for the first 4 weeks. Don’t stop until your vocabulary skills are improved

2) Focus on high priority GRE words. Do not study words in random order. Words that constantly appear in the TC and SE questions are called as high priority words. You can use WordBot for your word learning. It is one of the most efficient tools for your online GRE preparation.

3) Read 3-4 editorial articles each day from online magazines and newspapers such as The Hindu, Economist, Wall Street Journal etc.

4) Keep practicing single blank and double blank TC questions. Also start with medium RC passages.

5) Do not actually worry about speed. Focus on developing reasoning. For questions that you get incorrect, read the explanation and analyze where you should improve.

GRE Verbal practice & GRE Quant Syllabus practice is the key to a high GRE score. So, keep improving and keep reading to gain the momentum. This will help you get a high score in your GRE.

What is the right time to give GRE?

The right time to start your online GRE preparation and give your exam would depend entirely on which admission season you are targeting. If you are looking at Fall 2017 deadlines, the best time to give your GRE would be September. However, many students do end up giving their exams as late as October & November. Ensure that you leave enough time for your GRE online courses preparation as that would also enable you to give yourself the best chance to obtain a high GRE score.

Your first step should be a diagnostic test which would help you to clearly demarcate your strengths and weaknesses. Based On this, craft a study plan that would specifically help you with GRE Quant syllabus and GRE Verbal practice as both have equal weightage. However, the time you spend on each section would depend on where you need help! Consult an expert to understand where you stand and how to proceed further.

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