Selenium Training

The future Scope of Selenium Course in Chennai

Selenium is an open source testing suite for web applications for various platforms. It gives a test domain particular language to compose a test in different famous programming languages which incorporates Java, Perl, C#, PHP, Python. The tests in selenium can keep running in the entire modern browser. The Selenium testing tool is utilized by the numerous software industries to test their web interfaces which incorporate Google, Facebook Selenium is minimal like QTP (Quick Test Pro) which concentrate on automating online applications. Selenium Course in Chennai is the place to gain knowledge from the basic level till expert level. The following are the advantages available in Selenium.

  • Selenium is an open Source (free)
  • Selenium bolsters web applications which will execute the features inside the browser utilizing Java script and AJAX
  • It has its own scripting language
  • Selenium can create physically by means of the utilization of web development tools like Firebug
  • It can have the capacity to keep running under various browsers

How Selenium beat QTP

As of now, most of them are moving to Selenium from authorized tool.  Make your career in testing with the best Selenium Training. Since selenium test most of the online web interfaces which includes Google and Facebook. Selenium delivers extraordinary reusability, validating functionality, generating test scripts. To made it fully functional selenium requires an amount of technical expertise and third party tools. Due to these advantages, selenium finds user for UI, acceptance testing and regression and unit.

Java is the most prominent and generally used programming language utilized with Selenium. Selenium can be introduced on various working frameworks like Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Taking Selenium Training in Chennai will help you to enter into the testing world. Selenium is utilized as a part of numerous IT organizations because of its various focal points contrasted with other automation testing devices in the market. There is great demand for tester to validate mobile applications and software over the world. This is the reason how selenium beat QTP automation testing framework. Thus, by knowing its importance in IT industry learn this course and enhance your career in testing field.