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Steps to set up Google Webmaster to your website

SEO Training Chennai

Google Webmaster is a valuable tool for SEO. It gives you exact details of your website in SEO aspects such as crawl errors, links, keywords, clicks, impressions, CTR (Click Through Rate) etc. The major job of Webmaster is to maintain your site in an appropriate way and it makes sure your web servers, software and hardware are working properly. The user can fix the 404 server error using this webmaster tool easily. This tool allows you to know whether your site is infected with any virus or not. You can also test the speed of your website and improve it, similarly, you can make the unindexed URL as indexed and vice versa. Webmaster gives access to search statistics on Google. It is also possible to view the latest data regarding outgoing links and incoming links. This tool will also send notification if your site has any crawl errors. Due to all these advantages, most of the SEO Training syllabus includes webmaster as a part of the course syllabus

Steps to set up Webmaster to your website

  1. Open this URL to login webmaster.
  2. Sign in with your Google Account
  3. Go to “Add property” and enter your website address
  4. You will have two methods, one is recommended method and other is alternative method
  5. If you choose recommended method, you need to upload a file to your website. Download the HTML verification file and upload the file into your site in header tag and click verify
  6. When you choose alternative method, you will have 4 options HTML tag, Domain name provider, Google Analytics, Google tab manager
  • As HTLM Tag is more effective, many of the users prefer it. So, it is recommended to choose HTML tag, you have to add the Meta tag in the header to your site’s home page and click verify and don’t remove the tag even the verification is succeed

7.Metaname=google-site-verification” content=”Qun6ZCMH9nOpB3e7zWaIsM6U5gRh0E_4UBGgEavprhg” />, this is the example verification code that you need to add to your site’s home page in the header.

  1. After placing your verification code to your site, click verifies finally.

These are the major steps to add Google Webmaster to your website. SEO Course in Chennai is the right place where you can learn all the SEO factors with practical knowledge.