My Dream Abroad University

Hi Friends, This is Shreya. I am pursuing BE CS in a renowned college affiliated to Anna University. My native place is Ooty. I am staying in the college Hostel. My sister is pursuing 12TH standard in Coimbatore. I love my Family and I have many dreams about my Future. I completed my Schooling in Ooty and of course I am a Topper while I was studying in School. I have Good command over English as my favorite subject is English. I am learning French and British English on weekends in Chennai. To me, Learning is a joy. Certainly, there are no age limits to learn the new thing. I always win the First prize in English essay writing competition conducted at my school. Friends, do have a Hobby? Don’t stop, mold yourself and shine High with your Hobby. Some people may stop their Hobbies as soon as they enter into the Graduation. But, having a Hobby, lifelong is an Interesting thing. My Grand ma’s hobby was to knit the Cloth. Now, she is 60, and still continues to knit the interesting stuffs like Handbag, Sweater and so on.

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Coming to my family background, we are 5 members in our Sweet home I, my younger sister, mom and dad. I love to spend quality time with my Family. During the festival season, my cousin’s family will accompany us. We will celebrate the festivals like Diwali and Pongal in a grand way.

In our Childhood, We play many games like Business, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, etc. Especially during power shutdowns we play Antakshari with our family.
My parents are very friendly. But during our Exam time, they want us to concentrate on Exams rather than watching TV and playing games. Our mom sits with us and clarifies our doubts, especially in Mathematics.

Right from my School days, my only dream is to study abroad. I am working hard to get into the US based universities. This dream, to pursue abroad had kindled me to Study well in my Academics. Solely, I would like to thank my Family and high school English Ma’am and my HOD for their wide support and motivation. I am in my final semester and I have started taking GRE Online Coaching as well. My dream is to get Admission for Fall 2017 at Harvard University. And Yes, I know, with the dedication and Hard work one can reach the supreme height.
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