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Is Selenium used for testing Python web applications?

Nowadays, Python is the most popular programming language than the other languages. Across the world, Python is more popular among developers as it is strong server side scripting language. Python language makes developers to explore concepts by writing less and readable code and it is easy for the developers to reduce the development time less. Also programmer has multiple options to use the web frameworks that include Django to make high complex python web applications quickly. To increase python’s popularity and profitability developers still need to work for its look, feel and performance of the python web applications.

Developers have multiple options like Selenium, PAMIE, PyXPCOM, SST, Windmill etc., to test the internet applications. But most of the developers choose selenium to test their Python web applications effectively. Selenium allows the tester to write the test scripts in different programming languages like C#, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP etc., Here are the few reasons why developers opt Selenium to test their applications which were developed in Python. In most of the Selenium Training in Chennai, the other features of selenium will be explained with practical implementation.

Supports Major Web Browsers and Operating Systems

Today, Selenium supports all the major web browsers and operating system. Selenium framework currently supports both Linux and Microsoft Windows. Even it is more compatible with the most popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. This compatibility makes QA professionals’ job easy to test the Python web applications across multiple platforms without writing any separate codes.

Enable to create Complete test Automation Suite

Selenium allows user to create a complete test automation suite with the combination of Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver. It helps to scale and distribute the test scripts on various platforms. Selenium IDE makes testing professional more easy to create bug-reproduction scripts rapidly.

Selenium is an open source testing automation tool and whereas Python is an open source programming language. So most of the company prefers the language and web testing tool combine to evaluate the project successful with cost-effective manner. Even in Selenium course in Chennai, most of the training institute taught how to use this open source programming language to test the web applications.