Graduate Record Examinations

GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATION (GRE) is an online examination to analyze a student’s Analytical and Logical skills directed by Education Test Service (ETS).  A GRE score is a compulsory prerequisite for admission to most of the universities in USA for their graduate (MS and PhD) programs. A few universities in Singapore (NTU, NUS) and some in Canada additionally require a GRE score.

In the most recent couple of years, top business schools, (for example, Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD and so forth) have likewise begun accepting GRE scores for admissions to their MBA programs.

There are more than 200 Universities in United States. Getting admission at Top 20 Universities of USA can involve incredible pride.  Be that as it may, one shouldn’t go with rankings alone. Additionally consider the post graduate programs and the strength of the professors in your field of interest.

All things considered, this is the place you will spend the greatest years of your life – concentrating on, investigating and framing the premise of your Professional life.

Good GRE Score?

There is no fixed Standard about GRE Scores saying very high, good and Low. Based on the Analysis of GRE Score of the Students from various backgrounds, the Score may be considered as:

GRE Test Preparation

Just set the right Goal, target your dream GRE score and work along with the personalized Study plan to achieve that score. Happy Learning!

Find the interesting FAQs about Graduate admissions and GRE Exam.

What are the advantages of applying to Fall over spring?

1) Since you need to clear two semesters to apply for internships, if you apply for MS in Spring you might not be eligible for most of the internship opportunities.

2) While some universities start their basic courses in Fall and go for advanced courses in Spring, it is better if you learn the basic courses first and then go to advanced concepts. This is where applying to fall season might be helpful.

3) Fall intake is also comparatively higher than spring. Even if have a low GRE score, you have a fair chance of getting admits.

4) Spring intake is not offered by many universities.

5) Chances of getting a scholarship is higher in Fall season.

While we looked at the differences between Fall and Spring intake, a higher GRE score is more important than anything else. Online GRE Prep is the most efficient way of preparing for your GRE. No matter what season you target, make sure you get a high GRE score.

GRE Online Preparation

Could you please repeat when should I take the my GRE if I’m targeting for Fall ’17. my net got disconnected?

If you are targeting the Fall 2017 intake, then it is advisable that you begin your GRE preparation latest by the month of July. Try to dedicate at least 2 hours a day for your GRE preparation. As far as syllabus for GRE exam is concerned, master all the topics in both Verbal and Quantitative as mentioned by ETS. Apart from the regular GRE Verbal and Quant practice. Ensure that spare time for mock tests too. They give you a feel of the real exam, and get you prepared for it. Ensure that you take your test latest by the end of October. That will give you enough time to focus on your documentation too!

What all courses become available after giving GRE?

Giving your GRE opens up a world of opportunities for you. Your GRE score is a mandatory requirement to apply for higher education such as MS/PhD or even MBA. Some courses may also ask for an additional GRE Subject Test score. Enquire with the university to understand the requirements. But in general, getting a high GRE score after thorough online GRE Preparation is a qualification that you can include in your resume. It is an internationally accepted measure for your critical reasoning as well as analytical thinking ability. Therefore, giving your GRE has multiple purposes. Ensure that you get enough GRE Verbal and GRE Math practice before you give your GRE. Since the scores are valid for 5 years, you can also take a decision to apply later.

When to take TOEFL after GRE?

Ideally speaking, you must take your TOEFL two weeks after your GRE. There are two main reasons for this – firstly, taking your TOEFL soon after your GRE ensures that you can get started on sending your applications ASAP. This will help you apply in time for priority or early deadlines. Secondly, the skills acquired during GRE Verbal Practice are transferrable to the Reading & Writing sections in TOEFL. The standard of GRE verbal reasoning practice skills tested are much higher than that of TOEFL. So, you will be able to score much higher based on this previous GRE Verbal Practice. Ensure that you also pay attention to listening and speaking skills as your speaking scores are important for TAs.

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