Develop your IELTS Writing Skills

Develop your IELTS Writing Skill

Before you start preparing for your IELTS Writing section, first get comments about your writing. Ask help with your friends and trainers who have already got a good band in the exam. You can attend IELTS Training in Porur which is conducted by native speakers. First identify your strength and weakness, later go ahead with your preparation. Identify in which part your writing skill is needed more attention; by doing this kind of activates you can find your mistakes and learn from them.

Start practicing before six months of your IELTS exam. So that you can equally allocate time for every section. There is nothing to worry about not having any idea or topic to write. Choose one common topic or write your daily activities get feedback from your trainer. Keep on doing this continuously and you can start seeing the changes on your writing skills.  IELTS has two set of writing tasks, task-1 consists of 150 words and task-2 consists of 250 words, if the word limitation is cross, then there will be a penalty.

While at the time of practicing for task-1 (diagram representation) write around 170-190 words and for task-2 (general topic) write 250-270 words this will be useful during the time of your exam. If your word count limit exceeds, then it will create a negative impact for the examiner. Write the relevant content for the given topic and everything in your content will be monitored by your examiner. Test duration for your writing section is 60 minutes.

 Read the question twice or thrice until you understand the question completely. After the rough sketch in your mind what you are going to write in your content. By doing this, it will help you to write the content with exact word count. After reading the question, if you start writing your content without any idea, your word count will be excited, surely this will reduce your score level.

There are many institutes which offer IELTS Coaching Centre in Porur avail the training and get a good score. There is an added advantage if you undergo with training, trainers can easily identify your mistakes and provide material for your preparation. You can get many contacts who have already got a good score in IELTS through your training institute. Prepare well before taking the test and get a good score and achieve your dream.