Which is better GREedge or Magoosh?

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Hey everyone. My journey with GREedge began with the 7-day trial period. Until then, I was very confused as to how to go about my GRE prep. But after the 7th day, I enrolled for a program that suited my requirements. My program was personalized to suit my strengths and weaknesses. When I was losing hope and not being regular with my preparation, my trainers were motivating throughout. My favourite is definitely the WordBot app which is excellent for learning words. I also found the practice tests very helpful, and close to the actual GRE exam. I owe my success to GREedge.
If you are as confused as I was, then GREedge is your best bet!


Hi all! I enrolled for a GRE prep course with GREedge, and it was a great experience! Their material is well in detail. You are also provided personal trainers, both for Verbal and Quant. One of the aspects that really impressed me was how they are always available. Any doubt would be clarified within 12-24 hours! Their full length tests are very close to the actual GRE exam. It is a great way to understand where you stand with respect to the actual GRE. At the very beginning, you are made to take a diagnostic test where you get to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter, it will help in targeting your preparation to improve those areas. So I would say, GREedge would make a great choice!


I have prepared with GREedge, so can’t speak much for Magoosh. I feel like the quality of Edge is definitely underrated. That’s probably because Edge is less popular, as compared to Magoosh. GREedge provides personal trainers for both Verbal and Quant, and you can always contact them for feedback and answers to your queries. They also review and judge your AWA essays, mock tests, etc. I am not sure Magoosh provides that facility. I personally feel that GREedge’s quality is more or less the same as that of Magoosh. I think Magoosh is more preferred since it’s the international standard. However I personally think that if you’re from India, GREedge should be a great choice. That being said, be open to any source of knowledge that will help boost your score. Good luck for your preparation.


What I think about preparing for GRE is that, in the end what matters is the amount of effort that you put in, irrespective of what service provider you choose. I opted for a 60-day program with GREedge since I needed more practice. I believe that, the more I practice, the better I get. I was provided with practice material for both Quant and Verbal, and it offered me the flexibility to choose when I wanted to study. If you are someone looking for that kind of help, then you should consider GREedge as an option.


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