GRE Vocabulary

Being aware 3500 GRE Word List ensures a Good GRE Score? Learning and retaining words effectively is the vital task every student in GRE Test Preparation. Having the sound knowledge in GRE Words helps you to Analyze, Interpret and Read accurately.

The thing which you should understand is none of the below skills can be Understood without the Strong Vocabulary.

Reading Ability

To score in Reading Comprehension, One should be familiar with Humanities, Economics, Science and Technology.


You should Read the Questions and Passage Carefully and Interpret the various  Ideas in the Passage, Understand what is stated and especially what is not discussed in the Passage.

Analytical Skills

An aspirant should adept to Conceptualize and articulate the Ideas quickly and effectively.


GREedge’s learning tool, WordBot has benefitted many Aspirants to score well in Verbal part. This Smart tool is user friendly and consists of Visual Mnemonics and Root words to help you to beware of 3500+ Words from this unique platform.

Smart Mantra for building the Strong GRE Vocabulary:


Reading the words regularly helps you to feel better regarding GRE Words. You will be familiar with numerous Words if you Practice Reading more words.

Reading Magazines, Essays and  Opinion Pages will be an added essence for your GRE Verbal Practice.

Use the Words

Using the Words in regular Conversations with your Peers helps you to stay confident in GRE Words.


Vocabulary is a Permanent asset. It not only helps in solving the Verbal part of GRE but also in Future ventures.

Tips for GRE Word List

Maximize the Use of GRE Words. Hence they would become a Part of your Sub conscious memory.

Be firm in learning the Words. Dot just read the Words blindly. Reading as it is will never help you to score High.

Connecting the Words with Real world will help you to grasp the word from Memory in ease.

The vital thing is, make the Note of GRE Words, Revise regularly and Explore new words.

GRE Verbal and GRE Quant are equally Challenging. The Difference between those two is, there are no Shortcuts in Verbal.  Certainly to score high Marks, An aspirant should Learn and Retain 3500+ words to cross the Magic Score in ease.

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