GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice

Study tips for the GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice

 Make the words relevant

Associate the Words with real time environment. Creating these kind of Connections will help you to Crack the Vocabulary.

Practice GRE Words through WordBot.

WordBot is an App for Learning GRE Words, which helps you to learn and retain the new Words regularly.

Use the Words regularly

Use the GRE Words regularly with your friends and relatives through Conversation or through text messages.

 But does fall has good acceptance rate?

Generally, the fall acceptance rates depend on different universities and their intakes in general. However, due to the large number of applicants and large class sizes, the number of admissions are higher during Fall. Also, other important points to consider are scholarship opportunities and courses available on offer.

Some basic courses are available only during Fall. It may not be available during Spring, or only advanced classes may be up on fofer for you to take.

Also, since it is necessary in most universities for you to study in their country for 9 months or later, it is difficult to obtain internships at industries.

I was working as a software engineer fell in love with business analytics…wanted to get a taste of it …Got a job in Mu SIgma…love the work till now….scored 319 (Q:167 V:152)…..CGPA: 7.8… What all colleges can I apply to? Looking at Utexas, Austin – NCSU – ASU ….suggestions on the same?

319 is a good score for targeting some of the top universities abroad, especially in the US. If you are planning on pursuing business analytics, you can look at schools like NYU Stern, USC etc.

Concerning the universities you’ve suggested, the best one among them is NCSU. It has been deemed to have a holistic curriculum and has been established in 2007. Universities like UTD have just started accepting business analytics so while it may be easy to get admits, it may not be the best for your profile.

It would also be helpful if you have prior experience with big data analytics. Most universities will also require you to have a good TOEFL score above 90.

Should I begin my SOP with a catchy paragraph or should I keep it simple?

The way you begin your SOP decides a lot of things. Since the admission committee takes a look at multiple SOPs at the same time, the first few lines in your SOP can be crucial in establishing yourself as a valuable fit to the particular university. Do not get carried away and fake things in your SOP. Be as genuine as possible and at the same time differentiate yourself from the others.

Your SOP can help you stand out from the crowd with various educational qualifications. It gives you an opportunity to portray your intent and desire to learn, prove your worth, and convey why you are the perfect candidate for the respective course.

Internships, average 7.5 CGPA, decent LOR, awesome sop does it sound good?

This is all you need to get a good admit. Lets discuss one by one upon profile you have. Starting with CGPA, its a decent one and can be overshadowed by the good GRE score. Decent LOR will do the needful and it depends upon which university you are applying and for which course you are applying. Having an awesome SOP creates a huge impact in getting a good admit as it is considered as a major part of the shortlisting process in some Universities abroad. With SOP only they get to actually know what course you are looking forward to pursue in that university and are you fitting for the same or not. Now above all this what you need is a good GRE Score which can help you in getting a good admit.

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