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The Number of students willing to pursue masters in Abroad has been increased nowadays. As per UNESCO report, the students who are studying in abroad have been increased by 189,472 since 2012. From then, The Journey has been Interesting and Admirable.

I can surely tell you that there will be one Indian Aspirant out of 5, pursuing Masters in abroad. Every year, Aspirants and Professionals drove to the eminent universities in abroad with the Million Dreams and Faith to make their Dreams come true. There are many pupils who end up with a particular Course or University that is not suitable for them.So, It is better to short the University in prior.

Short listing is the vital factor as that helps us to decide which Course or University to step in, hence shaping your Future. Basically, Aspirants will choose their desired university only after taking GRE. But it is Safer to Short List the Universities prior to the GRE Test.

I am an engineer but I want to shift to management, is it possible?

Yes it’s possible. For making a shift to management after engineering you need to go for masters in management. This masters in management can be done across various Universities globally. Many universities abroad accept GRE score as their criteria for shortlisting, so you can go for either GRE or GMAT exam. There are many national-level competitive exams too, for applying to Universities within the country itself. Most engineers go for management after engineering, so it is not at all impossible. It will be an add-on for getting into MBA college if you have some experience in the management side either by getting associated with some organization while in your college or getting a management related job and then going for masters in it.

Can we send different SOPs to different colleges or should it be the same?

Generally, the universities have a certain format that should be followed while drafting the SOP. Many universities have different format compared to the others. These formats will be readily available to you upon visiting the official website of the universities you want to apply to. The word limit and content of the SOP might vary from one university to another, so you might have to tweak one common SOP if you have decided on drafting one as such. You can make a generalized draft that elaborates and explains all your accomplishments, achievements and provides backstory to your shortcomings and learnings from them (remember these are not excuses). After you have a primary draft ready by your side you can tweak and edit it as and when required according to the particular university requirements. This is advised or suggested in case you are bent on having a common SOP for all of the universities and want to refrain from experimenting every single time you’re drafting an SOP.

I have 6.86, EEE branch, KL university. How much GRE score I need?

CGPA is only one side of the admission criteria but the admissions abroad does not depend completely on this. It depends on what course you want to pursue abroad. Suppose you are going for masters in EEE related course, then your past projects and papers you have published matters a lot. These projects plays a big role as in, if you have done your project under the guidance of some renowned institute professor then that LOR of his plays a major role in getting you admit. Now discussing how much your score should be, well again that completely depends on the requirements of various universities you want to apply but in all you should target 315+ to target good Universities..

I am from Electronics and communication engg background and how do they filter me when I apply for masters in Computer science engg?

The filtering for people who are switching their branches depends completely on what is their purpose and what they have done in that field in past. For instance, you are from ECE background and want CSE so you should have strong SOP which needs to be written with high diligence. Apart from this, one should have good experience with projects which he has done in his past or is currently working on and these projects should be inclined towards the new field which you want to pursue, in this case, it has to be CS oriented which either can be a combination of ECE, CS or completely CS based. Filtering depends majorly on the GRE score you have obtained as this is the baseline which Universities creates to shortlist students applying in it.

With a hectic schedule how can one prepare for GRE?

It all depends on how you plan and prioritise things. For GRE, planning is the most important aspect of preparation as with that, you always know what you need to prepare, how you need to prepare and from where you need to prepare. Talking about priority, you should have that power to prioritise and take decisions based upon that. There will be many things running around you which can’t be ignored so here comes the part where you prioritise, and plan simultaneously to handle them all without leaving any task, your GRE Test Preparation will completely depend on this. All the best.

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