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Hi Buddies, How are you doing? I had been to GREedge, One of the renowned Coaching Institutes for GRE Preparation Online to enquire regarding GRE. They shared my Many Information about GRE , Scholarship, SOP, LOR, Fall 2017 and so on. I enquired regarding Types of Courses available as well. They are located at Adyar, Chennai. They provide seasonal discount for Certain Courses like rapid GRE. They also showed their Website. Honestly, their site was Informational. There are Details about Courses, GRE Exam Syllabus, Benefits of Every Courses, Importance of Practice tests and so on. They also have a Blog, in which they post the Details related to GRE.

They have Staffs to Guide us throughout Our GRE Test Preparation. They provide Valuable feedbacks related to our Preparation. This Institute provides set of Updated GRE Study Guide and materials; they also conduct GRE Practice Tests and Mock tests regularly.

I am planning to take GRE Test Preparation Online from this Reputed Institute after completing my Pre-final year Examinations.

Here, I would like share my Doubts and their Replies.

GRE Test Preparation

What about scholarship in PhD?

For most universities, admits to Ph.D. are largely determined by your GRE scores. So, it is advisable that you have high GRE scores that you grant admits to Ph.D. courses. Further, GRE scores also play a huge role in determining the quantum of he scholarships. So, you can have a look at what the university requirements are for Ph.D. Also, there are numerous scholarships for Ph.D. students. The quantum of the scholarships differ with departments and even with countries. Countries like Germany, U.S, Canada have a dedicated amount of scholarships. So, while you try to make application for Ph.D. ensure that you balance out your profile with GRE scores along with SOP and LORs. There are numerous scholarship opportunities for Ph.D. students and you can definitely land one.

Aiming for Fall 2017, Is it okay to give exam October end?

You can definitely target Fall ’17 deadlines if you give your GRE in October. But you need to ensure that you prepare thoroughly so that you reach your target score and you can immediately get started on your admission process. In fact, I would suggest that you shortlist universities before you give your GRE and start your SOP process in parallel to your preparation. This will help you save valuable time and shave off at least a couple of weeks in drafting, reviewing and editing your essays.

GRE Preparation Online

 Does your previous score affect your new GRE score?

No, your previous GRE score doesn’t affect your new GRE score. You can give GRE any number of times and apply in the foreign universities with the best score you have. The best thing that happens in giving GRE again is that you know how the test will be and syllabus for GRE also remains same across all attempts that you take. Simultaneously, your chances of getting high GRE score also increases. So, it will be best if you have done thorough GRE quant and GRE verbal practice before attempting the exam.

Universities abroad look for only the best GRE score that you get, so try to give your best in the earliest attempts you take and apply right after.

From whom should I get LOR’S if m a student and have no work experience?

If you are applying to a university that focuses a lot on research, it is not necessary to get an LOR from superiors at work. It is more important to get an LOR those professors under whom you did research and projects. This plays a very important role when it comes to your admits. A strong LOR is sometimes more than enough to seal the deal. Of course, it must be supported by SOP and profile as well.


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