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GRE scores are valid for Five years from the year you have taken the test.

If no questions are answered for a section, for example: Verbal then you will receive a No Score (NS) for that particular section

There is a facility called The ScoreSelect which lets you decide which test scores to send to the Universities you designate.

The GRE council works hard to equalize Graduation Opportunities for all the Students.

They helps in Improving the quality of the Graduation and to promote Utilization of Human talents and financial resources.

There are some good universities in the US and to get an admission call from these universities, you should have an average GRE score.

If you have the required Score then your profile is not at all a matter, but it would help in some situations.

The aspirant can take GRE Prep Courses in the renowned training institute or he or she can undergo Online GRE Preparation.

Here are the Information about list of Universities which accepts the GRE Score 300-310.

Northeastern University: This university is ranked 42nd overall for engineering. Average GRE score requirement is 309 and popular courses include Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Tuition fees are $1422 per credit.

Illinois Institute of Technology: This university is ranked 73rd overall for engineering. Average GRE score requirement is 306 and the popular courses include Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical and also Mechanical Engineering. Tuition Fees is $1313 per credit.

University of Illinois, Chicago: This university is ranked 60th overall for engineering. Average GRE score requirement is 310 and the popular courses include Computer science, Biomedical, Electronics and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Tuition Fees are $27,460 per year.

University of Texas, Arlington: This university is ranked 82nd overall for engineering. Average GRE score requirement is 301 and the popular courses include Computer Science, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Tuition fees are $14,753 per year.

University of South Florida: This university is ranked 100th overall for engineering. Average GRE score requirement is 303 and the popular courses include Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical and Engineering Management. Tuition fees are $21,126 per year.

Suppose If you aspire for MBA, Here are some Project suggestions for the final year Project in B. Tech:

Doing Industrial related projects for a duration of 4 – 6 months (or 1 semester) helps when it comes to applying for MBA. Projects on Total Quality management, Operations Research, Manufacturing or Information System are all highly recognized by business schools since they offer specialization in these fields.

Since most of the universities offer these fields as part of the course curriculum or as electives in most of the majors, fundamental theoretical knowledge in these fields is not hard to acquire.

Applying these fundamentals practically in an industry shows to the MBA admissions committee that you are not only strong with the basics but can also make use of those basics productively in an industrial environment. This makes you highly employable and thus a valuable asset to the university as far as MBA is concerned.

Does GRE test given multiple times have retrospective effect?

It is not necessarily true that there is a retrospective effect if you have taken GRE multiple times because you can choose which score you want to send to the universities now.

The universities cannot view your previous attempts if you choose not to send it. However if you do choose to send all, these are the possible scenarios you should know:

  • An increasing score pattern in your multiple attempts is a positive to the admissions committee since it shows that you are learning from your mistakes.
  • If you have a really high score in one of your attempts and your other attempts are low, universities consider the best score out of all.
  • University like Yale considers the best section wise score out of multiple attempts. For example if you have a better verbal score in your first attempt and better quant score in the second attempt, the university will consider the best verbal and the best quant score of the 2 attempts.
  • Some universities have a limit to the number of scores you can report. For example, Dartmouth accepts 2 GRE attempt scores. The best one will be considered out of the two.
  • Some universities accept only your most recent scores. For example, Harvard accepts only the 2 most recent scores out of all attempts by a candidate and considers the best of that. As you can see, there is some difference or the other for each and university. So it is better to directly contact the university you wish to attend to find out their exact criteria and choose the scores that you want to send to them accordingly.

Is 120 days enough for your GRE Test Preparations for a second year or final year aspirant?

120 days is more than sufficient to prepare for GRE. First start off by taking a diagnostic test in-order to get the feel of the GRE test pattern.Register here to take a free diagnostic test. Analyze your performance and set a target that you want to achieve and then start your preparation. Spend an hour a day to learn GRE words since there are over 3500 words to cover. In this hour you can pick up 50 new words and revise 50 words each day. This preparation can be done in approximately 2 months so you have another 2 months to keep revising these words until you are confident enough to answer all the Text completion and Sentence Equivalent questions correctly. Having said that, it is important to give equal amount of time for both verbal and quant each day. At least 10 hours of preparation for both verbal and quant per week (5 hours for verbal and 5 hours for quant) is necessary to improve equally in both sections. This preparation time increases or decreases for people based on the amount of time that is left before GRE and the amount of content that is left to cover in that duration. Keep at least a month dedicated to practicing full length tests since you need to get used to the test format and you also need time to analyze each question and the answers you have provided.

There are many GRE Coaching institutes in and around the City and A student can take Online GRE Preparation according to their convenience.

How long are the GRE Scores valid? And is there any issues if in submitting a GRE Score older than 3 years?

Your GRE score is valid for 5 years after you accept the score on the day of your exam. You can send this score to any number of universities within these 5 years.

Note that ETS provides the feature of sending the score for free to 4 Universities on the exam day. After this you will have to pay $27 for each university to which you plan to send your score. So you don’t need to worry about retaking the GRE if your score is over 3 and under 5 years old.

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