Dot net Training in Chennai

Dot net is also represented as .Net. Actually, it is a framework which is specially developed by Microsoft which runs primarily to support software and only in Microsoft Windows. Dot net Training in Chennai is the best place to learn this technology. It consists of a large class library which deals with software as backend because usually the framework is designed to make the software comfortable and compatible. This largest class library is known as Framework class library.

The IDE is responsible to develop the framework because the IDE is nothing but integrated development environment. It is written in many programming languages. This phenomenon of writing frameworks across multiple programming languages is known as language interoperability. Learning Dot Net Training in Chennai has become simple nowadays.

Dot net concentrates on both hardware and software environment. This is known as a common language runtime (CLR). There is an application virtual machine which provides services like exception handling, security, memory management. The UI (user interface), data connectivity, cryptography, etc.., all will be provided by Framework class library. One of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is visual basic software. This is a software based framework and everyone has to learn this Dot net course in Chennai.  This is the software used for developing .Net framework with large number of class library files.

It works in the operating systems like Apple IOS and Android. User friendly approach was very simple in Dot net provides a real time environment to make the welfare of the users. Dot net course Chennai is very useful.  Its framework is concentrating more on mobile computing, embedded system, etc..,. This is free and open source software framework which has to be known by everyone. Its version is reduced to compact framework; by this we can use this framework to the windows mobile also.

This .Net is more sensitive and it is implemented for game engines also. By using this framework we can access the processor support to handle the game with more graphics properties. There are some types to handle the category of the framework. They are as us follows,

  • .Net compact
  • .Net micro
  • .Net core

Dot Net Compact Framework:

                It is available to windows mobiles and it is used mainly for the in-build an application of windows mobile. Each and every application may communicate with both hardware and software. That leads are controlled and action performed by the processor as well as the respective application in the Smartphone’s.

Dot net Micro Framework:

                This will concentrate more on embedded devices. Embedded devices mean the mother board present in mobile devices is called embedded device.

Dot net Core Framework:

                It is another type of .Net which will target the cross platform with adjoin of universal windows platform.

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