Comparison between GREedge and Magoosh

GRE is an online adaptive test for graduate school admissions. There are many GRE coaching institutes in the city which offers your various GRE Courses .Training institutes also provide Online GRE Coaching for the students wants to learn from remote location.

One can take GRE Prep Courses and Admission Counseling Programs to acquire better GRE Score. Many institutes are providing the Awareness of Fall 2017 as we are nearing the Deadlines. They also provide you the Tips to choose the desired University for Masters.

There are many Institutes in the city which provides you comprehensive GRE Package and complete set of GRE Practice Test and Mock Tests.

I have come across 2 renowned Training institutes in the City: GREedge and Magoosh for GRE Preparation Online. What is your opinion of those 2 Institutes? Share your Ideas and suggestions related to GREedge and Magoosh.

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4 Responses to Comparison between GREedge and Magoosh

  1. Nirali Desai says:

    GREedge or Magoosh. This is the question most of us come across when we begin our GRE preparation. From my experience of seeking an answer to this question, I inferred that students have specific needs (and I am limiting myself to Indian students). To be able to cater to specific needs, you need special attention. If you think special attention is what you are in need of, then GREedge has an edge over Magoosh. It is like having someone who is always watching, and tracking your progress. SInce it helped me get a good score, I thought of sharing my experience.

  2. Priyanshu Sharma says:

    Magoosh’s great explanations and real time examples that are really fixed in my head helped me a lot during the test time. I recommend Magoosh, if you want to score above 160 in Math section.

  3. Animesh Nanhoriya says:

    I took up a program with GREedge and it helped me a lot. I found it to be a very organized set of study materials. We get good training in time management because of the detailed report that we get after each test. It will remind you of the time you should take for each answer. My SFAs also gave me detailed feedback and helped clear my doubts. WordBot is a creative application that help you remember words easily. I especially found their full length tests very useful as it gave me an idea of the range in which my score will lie. In all, it was a good option.

  4. Shrey Anand says:

    Every institute has its pros and cons. You need to evaluate for yourself and find what’s best for you. In my case, I chose GREedge for the following reasons:
    1. Duration of the program (2 months)
    2. Personal trainers
    3. Vocab building application called WordBot

    However, don’t just stick one source because there are so many resources out there that can contribute towards your preparation. I personally used ETS mock tests, vocabulary videos, blogs and other online material I could get my hands on.

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