A Flipcard to Crack GRE Quant

GRE Quantitative Syllabus includes Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data Interpretation. GRE Quant assess your Capability to interpret the Given data accurately rather than testing your Knowledge over Concepts and Formulae.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Quant Section are:

Calculation Mistakes:

For Instance, If the Question states you to Calculate  the value of y2 but you choose the Answer as soon as you find the value of y.These kind of Mistakes falls under Calculation Mistakes.

Conceptual Mistakes:

These types of Mistakes occur if you are unclear with the Concepts.

How do I convert my bachelors degree score (from INDIA) to GPA?

This conversion is usually not necessary for most of the universities in US but if you are planning to apply for universities that do ask for this conversion, try going for an organization called WES which is World Education Services. This is an organization that considers the grades and the number of credits in your marksheet along with the number of backlogs in-order to arrive at the final GPA that is given for a 4 point scale. This organization charges about $205 for course by course evaluation and an additional $30 to duplicate the report to send to each and every university. You can also check out few Canadian University websites such as McGill, Queens, Concordia etc. as well, to see how they consider the Indian GPA to their 4 point scale. Some top universities might set the bar high for GPA in Indian scale than they normally would, depending on the average GPA that the incoming students from each country have for every year.

If we take GRE by September , when we have to take IELTS and from when we can start applying universities?

For fall it is ideal for you to take your IELTS by the month of November itself and start applying for universities having deadlines in the month of December and January. Since you will be preparing for verbal in GRE which is difficult in itself, the preparation time is considerably reduced for IELTS or TOEFL since it is easier than GRE. So it is possible to take the IELTS within a month after taking the GRE and this is important because you need at least a month to start and complete the application process on time.

What will I need like paper stuff like passport etc for writing a GRE test?

Documents for identification are required to gain entry into an exam centre while appearing for your GRE.

According to ETS the providers of GRE, For taking the exam in India you will be required to carry an ID proof in the form of passport with name, photograph, and signature.

Now there are a few more regulations in the way you present these documents. According to ETS, the following are unacceptable ID proofs:

Photocopied or expired document

Document with dissimilarities between the name on it and the one you used when registering.

International driver’s license

Draft classification card

International student ID

Credit/debit card of any kind

Notary-prepared letter or document

Birth certificate

Social security card

Employee ID card

Any temporary ID card

Diplomatic, consulate or embassy ID card

I am an ECE student but would like to pursue CS for MS what kind of internships do I choose and is it a good decision to switch streams? 

There are many students who successfully switch streams while making the jump from Bachelors to Masters course. Actually, it is the ECE students who mostly make the switch to CS during their MS. It’s a perfectly right choice if you feel that CS is what you should chase after rather than continuing with ECE. Now the issue is the university you’re applying you to might ask for your experience in CS thus far. A project, internship or work experience will make things easy for you and seal the deal. So the kind of internships that will be helpful at this point are the ones that provide you the opportunity to learn new concepts and facets of CS. Take up courses in your field/area of interest say Intelligent systems, artificial intelligence etc. Any certificate courses will increase the weightage of your profile for sure.

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